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Frequently Asked Questions
What is INDOS means?
INDos (Indian National Database of Seafarers), is a computerized national database of Indian seafarers which is of use for quick reference by statutory authorities such as Flag State, Port State, Immigration and Employers etc., to prevent the fraudulent issue of certificates. The database includes data like the seafarer's address, photographs, signature, telephone, etc. An INDos number consists of eight alphanumeric characters. Henceforth, no seafarer without an INDos number will be admitted to any course other than a three month pre-sea training course in India.     
To get the INDOS what is the procedure?
For how many years the INDOS is valid?
What if the issued INDOS had a wrong name/other information?
If a student has done courses with us long back and didnt applied for INDOS but now he wants the same, are we providing them?    
Student who did the course with us and would like to collect the INDOS directly from DG shipping, are they allowed to do so?
What is our institutes INDOS number?
A candidate works as oil drilling contractor in offshore/works as chief Mechanic in rig. He does not have INDoS no. whether he is applicable to do PSCRB Course?
What is COC and why and who will issue?
For how many years the CoC is valid?
If a student wants to do some advance course and he had just applied for CoC,Will he be allowed to do?
Can a candidate appear for MEO II in India with UK CoC?
Whether COC is calculated from the course date or submission date?
What is the sea time requirement to revalidate a combined Steam and Motor COC?
With an expired COC can a person attend MC Course?
Candidate is holding class ll COC whether he is eligible to do APS.
Can a student be allowed to do PH1 with the Srilankan second mate CoC?
With New Zealand COC, is the student is eligible to undergo ECDIS Course?
After applying for COC, how many days it will take to receive the COC submission mail?
What is CDC and who will issue the certificate?
For how many years the CDC is valid?
What are the eligibility criteria to obtain the CDC?
What is the Procedure to collect the CDC from MMD?
Can a student attend PSF course with Belize CDC and Belize STCW certificates
With Librarian CDC is a student eligible to undergo ROC/ARPA if he has 24 months Sea service + Adv course).    
What is Seaman book?
What name the DD to be taken for booking the courses?
Is it enough to send the scanned copy of DD to book a course?
What is the procedure to shift from one batch to other?
What is the validity of the shifting?
Do HIMT provide sponsorship for any of the course?
What is the procedure for the cancellation of any course?
What is TUG master license and what is the procedure to do?
What if a candidate missed to attend the practical and theory?
What if the student needs to shift from one batch to other batch?
How many times can shifting be done in six months duration?
What is the procedure to apply for duplicate Certificates?
Are HIMT Advance course certificates accepted in other countries? Specifically Singapore?   
Candidate is resident of Sri Lanka OR ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL, whether he can take a course?
What is STCW?
What are the eligibility criteria to do STCW course?
Is it a must we should do the entire course by order?
Was there any Practical class in any of the course?
What is RIG course all about?
What are the eligibility criteria to do TFC, CTF and LGTF course?
What kind of role they need to play after completing TFC/CTF/LGTF course?
Is there difference between DCE and other tanker course?
What are the eligibility criteria to do AFF course?
What are the eligibility criteria to do MFA course?
What are the eligibility criteria to do PSCRB course?
IF a student having a foreign COC and he want to do the advance course, will he be allowed to do?
What is RANSCO?
What is the eligibility factor to do RANSCO?
What is GMDSS?
What is the eligibility factor to do GMDSS?
Candidate has done 12th in 2004, whether he is eligible to do GMDSS. Is there any age limit.
If any student failed in GMDSS, is there a possibility to write the exam again?
If a candidate is cadet with 9months sea service. Can he do GMDSS course?
What is ARPA?
What is the eligibility factor to do ARPA?
ROC and ARPA can be done separately?
Is there any stationary to be brought by the student to attend the ROC and ARPA class?
Is the Ablesea man is eligible to undergo SFU course without having NCV course completion  certificate and will produce the same before the course completion.
For ECDIS Course what equipment is used?
Who is 2nd Mate and what is his/her role?
What is the eligibility to become a 2nd Mate.
Difference between Chief Mate phase I and Chief Mate phase II?
Can a student attend Phase II Course without clearing his Phase I Exams?
For Class IV exam whether a candidate has to do ERS or ERSM Course?
Candidate who is a 2nd Officer and getting promoted as Chief Officer. He has  completed STSDSD Course, is SSO course compulsory for him?
Candidate has completed his Class II PCT in July 2012, Does in needs to undergo the refresher course.
Candidate has done FPFF at Singapore. But he has done AFF, PST, and PSCRB  at HIMT, Is he eligible to do refresher course for all the four at HIMT?
For a 3rd engineer appearing for Class II exam what are all the courses to be  done?
Is the revalidation course duration 6 days for 3rd engineer?
What if a student doesnt have watch keeping certificate for revalidation and he want to do the course?
When is appropriate time to do the revalidation?
What is the duration of the course to do RM Up gradation for the below personnels (as per STCW2010)?
What certificates we need to provide for doing REO and updated the same with MMD Chennai?  
If a candidate has take a REO package whether the validation period is for 5yrs or unto 2016 only?
If student wants to do Revalidation course only PSCRB and AFF is it possible?
Whether RMFA comes under MLC 2006?
Candidate has done REO package in Aug'2012. He wants to submit now at MMD for COC submission. Whether he can do submission through us.
Whether MC is included in Masters Revalidation Course?
What is the breakup for BOSEIT course?
I cant able to book in online. What is the alternate way to book the course?
What shall I do if amount is deducted from my account and course is not booked / Error page displayed in online booking?
How to pay using debit/credit card in Online booking?
How can I book the EFC course? 
Will there be any contact class? If yes, what will be the tentative time for the classes? Is it mandatory to attend the contact classes?
How will be internal examinations? Will it be online or we have to appear internal examinations in Chennai campus itself?
Understood study materials will be sent to my place. But what about the certificates and other documents which will be required both by me and the institute.  How will those be sent or received?
For any queries regarding syllabus or documents whom to contact? Will there be any dedicated person for communicating in need?
Can we get online question and answer session with the professor of relevant subject? Specially to clear any doubt.